Sedan Comparison: 2018 Kia Optima vs. Toyota Camry

The Kia Optima vs. The Toyota Camry

Over the past few years sedans from all types of makers have started to look more and more like each other. During that time the Kia Optima has remained unique. Adaptability, features, and safety all come standard, and the loads of customization options mean your Kia Optima fits your personality. It remains the trend setter that competitors are still trying to catch up with.

What sets the Kia Optima apart from the Toyota Camry?


The cost of a car is an important factor for a lot of people when looking into buying a new car. Those people will find that the Kia Optima is the best option when comparing prices. It has a lower starting MSRP than the Toyota Camry, and it comes standard with a ton of features that cost extra in the Toyota Camry.

On top of that, the Kia Optima comes with a warranty that offers much longer coverage than the Toyota Camry, so you spend less on repairs. The Kia Optima is more affordable than the Toyota Camry in every aspect.


Sedans are great for carpoolers because of their efficiency and room for five, and the Kia Optima excels in both regards, but it also provides a more fun-to-drive feel than the Toyota Camry.

If you only take a quick glance at the performance specifications of the two cars, you may think that they offer similar power, but dig deeper and you'll notice the Kia Optima separates itself. While the horsepower and torque output are comparable between the two cars, the Kia Optima gives you peak power at lower engine speeds. If you need to accelerate quickly in the Toyota Camry, you have to redline the engine, which puts more wear and tear on it.

Additionally, you can put the power of the Kia Optima to more use as it has a greater cruising range on one tank of gas than the Toyota Camry, so you spend less time at the gas station. For even greater efficiency the Kia Optima offers a plug-in hybrid that will save you more money at the pump. The Toyota Camry does not have a plug-in hybrid model.

However you plan on using your sedan, the Kia Optima remains the better option.


As mentioned before, the Kia Optima saves you money because of all the standard features that will cost extra in the Toyota Camry. It starts with your safety. The Kia Optima has standard blind-spot detection with lane change assist to make sure you are aware of your surroundings before changing lanes. This feature is only found on the Toyota Camry with the Convenience Package. Your safety is more than just convenient in the Kia Optima: it's necessary.

This standard technology also helps you to navigate parking lots more effectively. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert monitors your intended path when backing out, and alerts you if a car is coming, letting you see more than your mirrors offer. The Rear Parking Assist System gives you audio alerts if you're getting too close to something behind you, so you don't bump into it.

While you enjoy the safety of the Kia Optima you're sure to notice the absence of outside noise. Throughout the cabin features like the sound-absorbing windows make for a more peaceful drive, so you can enjoy the conversation with your passengers or the music more easily. The Toyota Camry does not offer this technology no matter how much you pay.

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