Compare the New 2017 KIA Sportage

The Kia Sportage is the Superior Choice for a City Crossover

If you need a spacious, functional and capable crossover for city driving, the new 2017 Kia Sportage is clearly the best option. Sure, there are plenty of like-minded crossovers out there, but with the Sportage, found at our Stamford, CT Kia dealership serving Milford and Norwalk, CT and Bronx and Yonkers, NY, you'll quickly see what makes it stand out among the crowd. We obviously prefer all our new Kia models over competitive brands, but we also know that independent auto experts feel the same way. From the cars we offer, to the easy new Kia lease or loan options available, shopping here in Stamford is a great way to find your next ride.


Here we'll take a look at how the Kia Sportage compares with the Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue and Hyundai Santa Fe, and by using specs and facts from leading auto industry resources, we provide you a clear-cut look at these competing crossovers. All models are in their base-level, front-wheel-drive setups, so consider that add-ons and greater capabilities will mean a change in price.

Test Drive a KIA Sportage

Kia Sportage vs. Ford Escape Comparison

  • The Sportage is a slight improvement in terms of fuel efficiency over the Escape, all while delivering a more powerful engine output at the base level.
  • The basic and powertrain warranties for the Sportage are for more years and more miles than the agreements offered with the Escape.
  • The Sportage comes standard with features like front and rear AC, power driver's seat and leather seats that aren't available in the Escape.

Kia Sportage vs. Nissan Rogue Comparison

  • Both the basic and powertrain warranties for the Sportage are considerably longer than what the Rogue offers, as is the Roadside Assistance Program.
  • Standard leather seats in the Sportage are a nice interior feature not offered with the Rogue.
  • The Sportage offers maximum towing of up to 2,000 pounds, twice as much as the figure the Rogue is rated at.

Kia Sportage vs. Hyundai Santa Fe Comparison

  • The Sportage bests the Santa Fe in both city and highway fuel efficiency, a great quality for an urban or suburban crossover.
  • An optional navigation system in the Sportage isn't available in the base level of the Santa Fe.
  • The Sportage starts off at a considerably lower price than the Santa Fe, giving you more wiggle room to upgrade to a higher trim level or add more features when shopping within a particular budget.


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